FC Ural Yekaterinburg

FC Ural Yekaterinburg

FC Ural
General data
Nom. full Футбольный клуб «Урал»
Futbolʹnyĭ Klub Ural
Nickname (s) Uraltsy (The people of the Urals)
Oranzhevo-chernye (Orange and black)
Shmeli (The bees)
Foundation September 1, 1930 (90 years)
Owner (s) Flag of Russia.svg Sverdlovsk Oblast
President Flag of Russia.svg Grigory Ivanov
Coach Flag of Russia.svg Yuri Matveyev
Stadium Central Stadium
Yekaterinburg, Russia
Capacity 35 696
Opening 1957 (age 64)
Another complex SKB-Bank Arena, 10.000
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Last season
Liga Russian Premier League
. 8 º
Oficial web page

El FC Ural (in Russian: Футбольный клуб «Урал») is a Russian football club from the city of Yekaterinburg, founded in 1930. The club plays its home games at the Central Stadium and plays in the Russian Premier League.

Ural is one of the oldest football clubs in Russia. It was founded as Uralmashstroya at the Uralmash Heavy Machinery Plant and subsequently changed its name five more times, its longest-standing name being FC Uralmash (1960-2002).

Since its founding, the club has played in the most important leagues in the country. He spent six seasons in the Soviet Top League until 1969 and in the Russian Premier League from 1992 to 1996. He reached the 2008 Russian Cup semi-finals and the Intertoto Cup semi-finals in 1996.

FC Ural Yekaterinburg footballers

Branko Jovicic Branko Jovicic
Pavel Pogrebniak Pavel Pogrebniak

Our Story

Uralmash origins and plant (1928-1967)

The history of Yekaterinburg's main football club is linked to the development of the Uralmash plant. Its origins date back to 1928, with the construction of Uralmashzavod and the workers' playground.The initiator of its creation was Nikolai Glazyrin, who had graduated from the Leningrad Institute of Physical Culture and during his service in the Army played football for the Leningrad Military District Air Force team.In 1930, Nikolai created the first four teams among the builders. The winning team of this mini-tournament, joined the Sverdlovsk football championship was named «Uralmashstroya».

UZTM Uralmash sign

Stele of the Uralmash factory in Yekaterinburg.

The first performances were not very successful for Uralmashstroya. In 1933, the plant became operational and the Uralmashstroya was transformed into the plant's football team. Their first encounters were of a marked industrial character, such as the friendly in 1934 against the Orenburg Air Force players, which ended 3-1 in favor of the Uralmash. In 1935-1936 they were proclaimed regional champions of Sverdlovsk.

The period from 1945-1953 marked the debut of the Sverdlovsk team in the USSR championship. After World War II sporting activities at the plant had rejuvenated.The club was renamed Avangard in 1943 to earn the right to participate in the 1947 championship of the First Soviet League, the second tier of Soviet football leagues. In its first season, the Sverdlovsk team only managed to win three of the 18 games.

In the club's second season as a professional, in 1948-1949, results began to improve, with the club finishing eighth in a thirteen-team league, with nine wins and nine losses. Between 1950-1952 the Avangard did not participate in the national championship, as the number of teams in the Soviet First League was drastically reduced, but rose in 1953. In 1963 the Soviet Football Federation reorganized the Soviet First League dividing it into Class A and Class B, and the Uralmash club was classified in Class A.

Promotion to the Soviet Top League (1968-1969)

The club achieved promotion to the Soviet Top League for the first time in its history in November 1968. After 40 days of competition, it finished in first position of the third subgroup of the regular league of the Soviet First League, which was worth it to move on to a final league made up of four champion teams from each group. Uralmash Sverdlovsk had to face Karpaty Lviv, Irtysh Omsk and Sudostroitel Nikolayev (today MFC Mykolaiv). The Urals team could only win one match, against the Sudostroitel Nikolayev Naval Shipyard team, while the rest were draws to one goal. The hopes of the Uralmash to obtain the promotion happened through the victory of the Irtysh Omsk before the Sudostroitel, which was finally consummated by 3-1 The coach of the team in that historic season was Victor S. Maryenko.

In 1969 the Uralmash Sverdlovsk played the first and only season in the top league championship of the USSR. The team had a tough debut, as on the first match they played Dinamo Moscow and lost by a goal to nil. His first win came on matchday three against Zarya Lugansk (0-1).

The first official match in Sverdlovsk was held at the Central Stadium and more than 30.000 fans gathered in the stands, and Uralmash's home debut ended with a 23-1969 victory over Neftchi in Baku. The match was held on April XNUMX, XNUMX. The expectation aroused by the meeting was very intense and the local newspaper Uralskiĭ rabochiĭ posted on April 24: "The interest in the first match in Sverdlovsk was so great that fans did not wait for the posters to appear in the city and bought the thirty thousand tickets even two weeks before the arrival of the match."

However, despite managing to draw 22-XNUMX against teams such as Dinamo Kiev or CSKA and beat Lokomotiv, the team could not avoid relegation and ended the season in last position, with XNUMX points scored, seven wins, eight draws and nineteen defeats.


Japan-Senegal in Yekaterinburg FIFA World Cup 2018 06

Yekaterinburg Arena.

Ural plays their official home games at the Central Stadium, built between 1953-1957. From 2006 to 2011 it was under reconstruction and from October 7, 2015 to December 29, 2017 a new reconstruction was carried out, this time for the 2018 Soccer World Cup. From that moment on, the stadium was renamed Yekaterinburg. Sand.

Four matches of the 2018 World Cup group stage were held at the stadium. At the time of the championship, the stadium's capacity was 35 seats, including folding bleacher seats. After the championship, the temporary grandstand was dismantled and the capacity of the stadium was set at 000 25. The stadium has the status of an object of cultural heritage and is included in the list of cultural monuments of regional importance.


  • Russian Cup
    • Runner-up (2): 2017, 2019


Squad 2019-20

Updated September 4, 2019

Players Technical team
No. Nac. Pos Name Age Last team
31 Flag of Russia.svg 0BY Yaroslav hodzyur  36 years Flag of Russia.svg Ajmat Grozny
77 Flag of Russia.svg 0BY Oleg baklov  26 years Flag of Russia.svg FC Syzran-2003 Syzran
2 Flag of Russia.svg 1DEF Shamsiddin Shanbiev  24 years Flag of Russia.svg FC Spartak Moscow
3 Flag of Armenia.svg 1DEF varazdat haroyan  28 years Flag of Iran.svg Padideh fc
4 Flag of Russia.svg 1DEF Artyom Mamin  23 years Flag of Russia.svg FC Spartak-2 Moscow
15 Flag of Ukraine.svg 1DEF Denys Kulakov  34 years Flag of Ukraine.svg Metalist Kharkiv
19 Flag of Belarus.svg 1DEF Denys Poliakov  29 years Flag of Belarus.svg BATE Borisov
21 Flag of Russia.svg 1DEF Ilsamdzhan Nasyrov  22 years Flag of Russia.svg FC Nosta Novotroitsk
27 Flag of Russia.svg 1DEF Mikhail Merkulov  27 years Flag of Russia.svg FC MITOS Novocherkask
50 Flag of Russia.svg 1DEF Nikita Chistyakov  20 years Flag of Russia.svg FK Anzhí Majachkalá
6 Flag of Poland.svg 2MED Rafael Augustyniak  27 years Flag of Poland.svg Miedź Legnica
8 Flag of Russia.svg 2MED Roman Yemelianov  28 years Flag of Ukraine.svg FK Shakhtar Donetsk
10 Flag of Romania.svg 2MED Eric Bifalvi  33 years Flag of Russia.svg FC Tom Tomsk
13 Flag of Cameroon.svg 2MED Petrus Boumal  27 years Flag of Bulgaria.svg CSKA Sofia
14 Flag of Russia.svg 2MED Yuri bavin  27 years Flag of Russia.svg Zenith of Saint Petersburg
17 Flag of Bulgaria.svg 2MED Nikolai Dimitrov  33 years Flag of Bulgaria.svg Slavia Sofia
18 Flag of Poland.svg 2MED Michael Kucharczyk  30 years Flag of Poland.svg Legia of Warsaw
44 Flag of Russia.svg 2MED Andrey Yegorychev  28 years Flag of Russia.svg FC Nosta Novotroitsk
57 Flag of Russia.svg 2MED Artyom fidler Captain sports.svg  37 years Flag of Russia.svg Kuban Krasnodar
58 Flag of Morocco.svg 2MED Othman El Kabir  29 years Flag of Sweden.svg Djurgårdens IF Fotboll
11 Flag of Russia.svg 3OF Vladimir Ilyin  28 years Flag of Russia.svg Kuban Krasnodar
20 Flag of Russia.svg 3OF Andrei Panyukov  26 years Flag of Russia.svg Zenith
79 Flag of Russia.svg 3OF Artyom Yusupov  23 years  Lower
88 Flag of Russia.svg 3OF Pavel Pogrebniak  37 years Flag of Russia.svg FC Tosno
On loan
- Flag of Russia.svg 0BY Dmitry Aparov  27 years  FC Chayka Peschanokopskoye
- Flag of Russia.svg 1DEF Vladimir Khozin  31 years Flag of Armenia.svg FC Ararat-Moskva Yerevan
Coach (s)

Flag of Ukraine.svg Dmitro Parfonov

Assistant Coach (s)

Flag of Russia.svg Vladimir Kalashnikov

Goalkeeping coach (s)

Flag of Russia.svg Andrei Shpilov


Flag of Russia.svg Elena I. Afanaseva

  • Pos : Position
  • Nac. : Sports nationality
  • Captain sports.svg Captain
  • Injury icon 2.svg Injured
  • BY / ARQ : Goalkeeper
  • DEF : Defending
  • MID / VOL : Midfielder
  • OF : Forward

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Highs and Lows 2017–18 (winter)

Player Position Provenance Market Cost
Player Position To Market Cost
Flag of Russia.svg Alexander Pavlenko midfielder Flag of None.svg Free agent Termination of contract.
Flag of Ukraine.svg Dmytro Bilonoh MidfielderF Flag of None.svg Free agent Termination of contract.

Featured Players

  • Flag of the Soviet Union.svg Viktor shishkin
  • Flag of Russia.svg Aleksandr Podshivalov
  • Flag of Russia.svg Yuri Matveyev
  • Flag of Russia.svg Oleg Veretennikov
  • Flag of Russia.svg Artyom Jenin
  • Flag of Russia.svg Denis Zubko
  • Flag of Belarus.svg Alyaksandr Hrapkowski
  • Flag of Belarus.svg Miroslav romaschenko
  • Flag of Belarus.svg Aleh shkabara
  • Flag of Kazakhstan.svg Vitaly Abramov
  • Flag of Kazakhstan.svg Sergei anashkin
  • Flag of Kazakhstan.svg Renat dubinskiy
  • Flag of Kazakhstan.svg Vitaly Kafanov
  • Flag of Kazakhstan.svg Konstantin Ledovskikh
  • Flag of Kazakhstan.svg Aleksandr sklyarov
  • Flag of Lithuania.svg Arūnas Klimavičius
  • Flag of Lithuania.svg Robertas Poskus
  • Flag of Moldova.svg Igor Bugayov
  • Flag of Moldova.svg Serghei Rogaciov
  • Flag of Tajikistan.svg Vitaly Levchenko
  • Flag of Tajikistan.svg Igor Vityutnev
  • Flag of Tajikistan.svg Anatoly Volovodenko
  • Flag of Ukraine.svg Oleksandr Pomazun
  • Flag of Ukraine.svg Dmytro Topchiev
  • Flag of Uzbekistan.svg Vladimir Radkevich
  • Flag of Uzbekistan.svg Yevgeny Safonov
  • Flag of Uzbekistan.svg Vladimir Shishelov

League history

Flag of the Soviet Union.svg Soviet Union


Flag of Russia.svg Russia

Season Div. Pos PJ PG PE PP GF GC Pts Crown Europe Goal scorer
1992 ª 1 9 30 14 8 8 50 36 36 Flag of Russia.svg Matveyev - 20 Flag of Russia.svg Agafonov
Flag of Russia.svg Shishkin
1993 8 24 16 4 14 51 52 36 QF Flag of Russia.svg Andreyev - 12 Flag of Russia.svg Shishkin
1994 14 30 7 9 14 33 49 23 R32 Flag of Russia.svg Matveyev - 9 Flag of Russia.svg Shishkin
Flag of Russia.svg Kalashnikov
1995 8 30 12 3 15 43 47 39 QF Flag of Russia.svg Matveyev - 9 Flag of Russia.svg Kalashnikov
1996 16 34 8 9 17 38 57 33 R16 IC SF Flag of Russia.svg Fedotov - 6 Flag of Russia.svg Voytenko
Flag of Russia.svg Shevchenko
1997 ª 2 20 42 9 8 25 43 77 35 R32 Flag of Russia.svg Ignatov - 9 Flag of Russia.svg Vik Erokhin
1998 3rd, «Urals» 3 34 20 6 8 63 29 66 R64 Flag of Russia.svg Alekseev - 12 Flag of Russia.svg V. Kalashnikov
Flag of Russia.svg Val.Erokhin
1999 7 30 14 7 9 49 30 49 R64 Flag of Russia.svg Alekseev - 10 Flag of Russia.svg Agafonov
2000 2 30 23 4 3 70 21 73 R1024 Flag of Russia.svg Palachyov - 36 Flag of Russia.svg Agafonov
2001 1 30 27 2 1 83 11 83 R64 Flag of Russia.svg Palachyov - 21 Flag of Russia.svg Agafonov
2002 1 28 22 5 1 55 11 71 R128 Flag of Russia.svg Markov - 15 Flag of Russia.svg Kokarev
2003 ª 2 19 42 11 8 23 43 65 41 R32 Flag of Russia.svg Salnikov - 14 Flag of Russia.svg Kokarev
Flag of Russia.svg Gusev
2004 3ª,
1 36 27 6 3 68 18 87 R64 Flag of Russia.svg Markov - 20 Flag of Russia.svg Gusev
Flag of Russia.svg Kalashnikov
2005 ª 2 7 42 21 10 11 51 34 73 R256 Flag of Russia.svg Markov - 13 Flag of Russia.svg Pobegalov
2006 3 42 27 9 6 67 23 90 R32 Flag of Russia.svg Alkhimov - 25 Flag of Russia.svg Pobegalov
2007 5 42 21 14 7 70 33 77 R32 Flag of Russia.svg Mysin - 21 Flag of Russia.svg Pobegalov
2008 4 42 22 9 11 69 39 75 SF Flag of Russia.svg Dubrovin - 14 Flag of Russia.svg Pobegalov
2009 8 38 15 15 8 40 32 60 R32 Flag of Russia.svg Shishelov - 16 Flag of Russia.svg Pobegalov
Flag of Russia.svg Fedotov
2010 7 38 14 16 8 38 28 58 R16 Flag of Serbia.svg Sikimić - 7 Flag of Russia.svg Fedotov
Flag of Russia.svg Stukalov


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