Maritime Sport Club

Maritime Sport Club

CS Maritime
General data
Nom. full Maritime Sport Club
Nickname (s) You Green-Items (The green and red)
O Maior das Ilhas (The largest of the islands)
The Lions of Almirante Reis (The lions of Admiral Reis)
Foundation September 20, 1910 (110 years)
President Flag of Portugal.svg Carlos Pereira
Coach Flag of Spain.svg Julio Velazquez
Stadium Maritime Stadium
Capacity 10.932 viewers
Locate Us Funchal, portugal
Opening 1957
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Maritime body kit2021h
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Sensitive Personal Data
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Body kit niketrophy4tv
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Last season
Liga Portugal First Division
(2019-20) 11 º
Oficial web page

El Maritime Sport Club is a Portuguese sports club based in Funchal, Madeira. It was officially founded on September 20, 1910 as a football club, its most representative section today, and plays in the First Division of Portugal.

El Marítimo has 35 regional titles from Madeira and a national tournament, the 1926 Portuguese Championship. For logistical reasons it was not able to enter the Portuguese league system until 1973, and was able to make its debut in the First Division in the 1977/78 season. . Since 1985/86 he has remained in the elite without interruption.

In addition to football, it has a dozen sections, including volleyball, handball, basketball, athletics and roller hockey.

Our Story

Madeira Championship

Equipment of the Club Sport Maritimo campea da Madeira 1916-17

Maritime team with the first Madeira Championship (1916/17).

El Portuguese Maritime Sports Club was founded on September 20, 1910 by Cândido Fernandes de Gouveia. The entity adopted the red and green colors of the republican flag of Portugal to distinguish itself from the other existing entity, the Madeira Sports Club, which used the white and blue of a monarchy that would be overthrown on October 5. The word "Maritime" refers to the origin of the first footballers, mostly fishermen and stevedores from the port of Funchal.

The new team was one of the founders and the first winner of the Madeira Championship 1916/17, which would dominate completely in subsequent editions. With the creation of the National Championship of Portugal in 1921, disputed between the winners of each regional federation, the Marítimo would assume the Madeiran representation in 13 of the 17 editions disputed until the conversion into the Portuguese Cup in 1938. His greatest achievement was the conquest of the 1925/26 edition, after defeating Porto (7-1) and Os Belenenses ( 2-0) in the final phase.

Club Sport Maritimo Equipment 1926

Squad of the Maritime that would win the Portuguese Championship in 1926.

The problems came with the creation of the Portuguese league system in 1934, as the island clubs (Madeira and Azores) were excluded from the League and the Cup for logistical reasons. Marítimo's appearances were limited to the Madeira Championship, in the that would obtain 21 more titles, and a tour of the Portuguese colonies in 1950. However, he could not face clubs from mainland Portugal until the 1960s, by inviting him to the Portuguese Cup.

Finally, the Portuguese Football Federation (FPF) agreed with the Madeira Association that the 1972/73 regional champion would access the Portuguese league system. And since Marítimo was the winner for the thirty-fifth time, it was able to register in the 1973/74 season of the national Second Division.

Portugal League

Marítimo was the first team in Madeira to have access to the Portuguese league system, so its beginnings were complicated and they focused especially on professionalizing the institution. In his first experience, the FPF forced him to pay the transport costs of his opponents, something that would later be assumed by the organization. Four years after joining, the verdirojos were promoted to the First Division and debuted in the 1977/78 season with a twelfth place. Despite suffering two declines at the beginning of the 1980s, the club returned to the top flight permanently in 1985/86.

The arrival of Brazilian coach Paulo Autuori in 1990 was a shock for the team.With an eye-catching and scoring style of play, Marítimo finished in fifth place for two consecutive years (1992/93 and 1993/94) and became the Madeira's first team to compete in European competitions thanks to its debut in the 1993/94 UEFA Cup, and would also play in the 1995 Portuguese Cup final, which resulted in a defeat against Sporting Lisbon (2-0).

With the arrival of the 2016st century, the Marítimo assumed the purchase and renovation of the ancient municipal field, the Estadio dos Barreiros, which it converted into the Estadio del Marítimo in December 2012. At a domestic level, it has managed to stay in the upper area of ​​the table without come to question the dominance of Lisbon clubs, while at European level his greatest feat was reaching the group stage of the 13/XNUMX UEFA Europa League.


Estadio do Maritimo 8 of May

Interior of the Maritime Stadium.

The Club Sport Marítimo plays at home at the Estadio del Marítimo, with a capacity for 10.932 spectators. It is located in the parish of São Martinho, just two kilometers from the port of Funchal.

The construction works began in 2009, were divided into two phases and did not conclude until December 2016, with a total cost of 25 million euros assumed between the club and the regional government. In return, the green-colored team is the only one you can use it.

The facility is built on the ancient Barreiros Stadium, which for a long time was the only professional soccer field in Madeira. Although soccer has been played on these grounds since 1923, it was not until 1957 that the regional authorities inaugurated a multipurpose stadium shared with Nacional and União de Madeira, today with their own pitches. The running track that surrounded the grass has been removed in the rebuilding.


El Marítimo disputes the so-called «Funchal Derby» against Clube Desportivo Nacional, with whom they usually coincide in the First Division. Within Madeiran football, Maritime has been the main dominator by number of titles, international participations and social mass. During the time that Madeira was not part of the Portuguese league system, the traditional derby was against União da Madeira.

The Madeira teams could not participate in the Portuguese First Division until the early 1970s, so the duels between Nacional and União were guaranteed in the regional championship. The rivalry also has a political background: while the Nacional was seen as a bourgeois club, the Marítimo was linked to the maritime class and local workers.Today those differences have been blurred, but the competition remains.

Sports organization chart


Current Squad

Squad of Club Sport Marítimo for the 2020/21 season
Players Technical team
No. Nac. Pos Name Age Last team End of contract
1 Flag of Iran.svg 0BY Amir abedzadeh  27 years Flag of Portugal.svg Barreirense
2 Flag of Brazil.svg 1DEF Claudio Winck  26 years Flag of Brazil.svg Vasco da Gama
3 Flag of Colombia.svg 1DEF Moises mosquera  19 years  Quarry  2024
4 Flag of Brazil.svg 1DEF Lucas Africa  26 years Flag of Portugal.svg Estoril Beach
5 Flag of Mozambique.svg 1DEF Zainadine Junior  32 years Flag of the Peoples Republic of China.svg Tianjin Teda
6 Flag of Brazil.svg 2MED Jean  26 years Flag of Brazil.svg Corinthians
7 Flag of France.svg 2MED Rafik Guitane  21 years Flag of France.svg Stade Rennais  2021
8 Flag of Argentina.svg 2MED Jorge Correa  28 years Flag of Argentina.svg Vélez Sarsfield
9 Flag of Brazil.svg 3OF Rodrigo pinho  29 years Flag of Portugal.svg Sporting Braga
11 Flag of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.svg 3OF Fumu Tamuzo  26 years Flag of France.svg Avenir beziers
12 Flag of Portugal.svg 3OF Edgar costa Captain sports.svg  33 years Flag of Portugal.svg Moreirense
13 Flag of Colombia.svg 2MED Diego Moreno  25 years Flag of Colombia.svg Envigado FC
14 Flag of Brunei.svg 2MED Faiq Bolkiah  22 years Flag of England.svg Leicester City
15 Flag of Serbia.svg 1DEF Dejan Kerkez  25 years Flag of Serbia.svg Spartak Subotica  2024
16 Flag of Brazil.svg 2MED Jean Cleber  30 years Flag of Brazil.svg CSA
17 Flag of Angola.svg 3OF Milson  21 years  Quarry
18 Flag of France.svg 2MED Franck bambock  25 years Flag of Israel.svg Maccabi Petah Tikva
20 Flag of Brazil.svg 3OF Kibe  21 years  Quarry
22 Flag of Brazil.svg 0BY Caio Secco  30 years Flag of Portugal.svg Feirense
23 Flag of Portugal.svg 3OF Ruben Macedo  25 years Flag of Portugal.svg Poultry  2022
25 Flag of Brazil.svg 1DEF René santos  28 years Flag of Brazil.svg Paraná
45 Flag of Portugal.svg 1DEF Fabio China  28 years Flag of Portugal.svg Estrela Calheta
60 Flag of Portugal.svg 2MED Pedro Pelagio  20 years  Quarry
70 Flag of Iran.svg 3OF Ali Alipour  25 years Flag of Iran.svg Persepolis
72 Flag of Portugal.svg 1DEF Goncalo Duarte  23 years  Quarry
86 Flag of Brazil.svg 1DEF Marcelo hermes  26 years Flag of Brazil.svg Cruzeiro
94 Flag of Brazil.svg 0BY Charles  27 years Flag of Brazil.svg Vasco da Gama
95 Flag of Cameroon.svg 3OF Joel tadjo  27 years Flag of Brazil.svg Cruzeiro  2022
99 Flag of Portugal.svg 0BY Peter Matthew  24 years  Quarry
Coach (s)

Flag of Spain.svg Julio Velazquez

  • Pos : Position
  • Nac. : Sports nationality
  • Captain sports.svg Captain
  • Injury icon 2.svg Injured
  • BY / ARQ : Goalkeeper
  • DEF : Defending
  • MID / VOL : Midfielder
  • OF : Forward

Template on the official website

High and low 2020–21 (summer)

Player Position Provenance Market Cost
Flag of Brunei.svg Faiq Bolkiah midfielder Flag of None.svg Free agent Free.
Flag of Iran.svg Ali Alipour Forward Flag of Iran.svg Persepolis End of contract.
Flag of Brazil.svg Marcelo hermes Defense Flag of None.svg Free agent Free.
Flag of Portugal.svg Ruben Macedo Forward Flag of None.svg Free agent Free.
Flag of Argentina.svg Leandro Barrera Forward Flag of Portugal.svg Mafra End of assignment.
Flag of France.svg Rafik Guitane midfielder Flag of France.svg Stade Rennais Assignment.
Flag of Cameroon.svg Joel tadjo Forward Flag of None.svg Free agent Free.
Flag of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.svg Fumu Tamuzo Forward Flag of France.svg Avenir beziers Transfer. Not revealed.
Flag of Brazil.svg Fabricio Baiano midfielder Flag of Turkey.svg Genclerbirligi End of assignment.
Flag of Brazil.svg Jean Cleber Defensive Midfielder Flag of Brazil.svg CSA End of assignment.
Flag of Portugal.svg Joao Gamboa midfielder Flag of Portugal.svg El Chavo End of assignment.
Flag of Brazil.svg Lucas Africa Defense Flag of Portugal.svg Estoril Beach End of assignment.
Player Position To Market Cost
Flag of Brazil.svg baby Defense Flag of None.svg Free agent End of contract.
Flag of Angola.svg Erivaldo Forward Flag of Bulgaria.svg Beroe Stara Zagora Termination of contract.
Flag of Brazil.svg Fabricio Baiano midfielder Flag of Turkey.svg Rizespor Transfer. Not revealed.
Flag of Serbia.svg Josip Vukovic midfielder Flag of None.svg Free agent Termination of contract.
Flag of Japan.svg Daizen maeda Forward Flag of Japan.svg Matsumoto Yamaga End of assignment.
Flag of Brazil.svg John cley midfielder Flag of Brazil.svg CSA End of assignment.
Flag of Portugal.svg Joao Gamboa midfielder Flag of Portugal.svg Estoril Beach Transfer. Not revealed.



National tournaments

  • Portuguese Championship (1922-1938) (1): 1925/26
  • Portugal Second Division (2): 1976/77; 1981/82

Regional tournaments

  • Madeira Championship (35): 1916/17; 1917/18; 1921/22; 1922/23; 1923/24; 1924/25; 1925/26; 1926/27; 1928/29; 1929/30; 1930/31; 1932/33; 1935/36; 1939/40; 1940/41; 1944/45; 1945/46; 1946/47; 1947/48; 1948/49; 1949/50; 1950/51; 1951/52; 1952/53; 1953/54; 1954/55; 1955/56; 1957/58; 1965/66; 1966/67; 1967/68; 1969/70; 1970/71; 1971/72; 1972/73
  • Madeira Regional Cup (25): 1946/47; 1947/48; 1949/50; 1950/51; 1951/52; 1952/53; 1953/54; 1954/55; 1955/56; 1958/59; 1959/60; 1965/66; 1966/67; 1967/68; 1968/69; 1969/70; 1970/71; 1971/72; 1978/79; 1980/81; 1981/82; 1984/85; 1997/98; 2006/07; 2008/09

Participation in European competitions

Season Tournament Ronda Country Club Home Consultation Global
1993–94 UEFA Cup 1 BelgiumFlag of Belgium civil.svg Belgium Royal Antwerp 2–2 0–2 2–4
1994–95 UEFA Cup 1 SwitzerlandFlag of Switzerland Pantone.svg Switzerland Aarau 1–0 0–0 1–0
2 ItalyFlag of Italy.svg Italy Juventus 0–1 1–2 1–3
1998–99 UEFA Cup 1 EnglandFlag of England.svg England Leeds United 1–0 0–1 1–1 (1–4p)
2001–02 UEFA Cup Qualifying Bosnia y HerzegovinaFlag of Bosnia and Herzegovina.svg Bosnia y Herzegovina FK Sarajevo 1–0 1–0 2–0
1 EnglandFlag of England.svg England Leeds United 1–0 0–3 1–3
2004–05 UEFA Cup 1 ScotlandFlag of Scotland.svg Scotland Rangers 1–0 0–1 1–1 (2–4p)
2008–09 UEFA Cup 1 SpainFlag of Spain.svg Spain Valencia 0–1 1–2 1–3
2010–11 Europa League Qualifier 2 Flag of Ireland.svg Ireland Sporting fingal 3–2 3–2 6–4
Qualifier 3 WalesFlag of Wales 1959 – present.svg Wales Bangor City 8–2 2–1 10–3
Play-off BelarusFlag of Belarus.svg Belarus BATE Borisov 1–2 0–3 1–5
2012–13 Europa League Qualifier 3 GreeceFlag of Greece.svg Greece Asteras Tripolis 0–0 1–1 1–1 (a)
Play-off GeorgiaFlag of Georgia.svg Georgia Dila Gori 1–0 2–0 3–0
Groups Flag of France.svg France Bordeaux 1–1 0–1
EnglandFlag of England.svg England Newcastle United 0–0 1–1
BelgiumFlag of Belgium civil.svg Belgium Club Brugge 2–1 0–2
2017–18 Europa League Qualifier 3 Flag of Bulgaria.svg Bulgaria Botev Plovdiv 2–0 0–0 2–0
Play-off UkraineFlag of Ukraine.svg Ukraine FC Dynamo Kyiv 0–0 1–3 1–3

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