Pasto Sports Association

Pasto Sports Association

Deportivo Pasto
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General data
Nom. full Pasto Sports Association
Nickname (s) The Tricolor Force
The Volcanics
super sport
Foundation October 12, 1949 (71 years)
(as Oro Rojo Soccer Club)
President Flag of Colombia.svg Oscar Casabon
Coach Flag of Colombia.svg Diego Corridor
Stadium Departmental Freedom
Locate Us Pasto, Nariño
Capacity 20 000 spectators
Opening 1954 (67 years)
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La Pasto Sports Association, is a football club in the city of San Juan de Pasto in the department of Nariño, it was founded on October 12, 1949.
Play in the First A Category of Colombian professional soccer and play local matches at the Estadio Departamental Libertad with capacity for 20.000 spectators.

He was first promoted to the top flight in (1998). Historically, Deportivo Pasto was the first team that, after the Ascent Tournament, was champion of the national tournament in (2006-I) and the first to reach a final in (2002-II). In total, the team has to its credit a First Category A title, three runners-up in (2002-II, 2012-I and 2019-I), 12 appearances in the final stages and two Copa Colombia runners-up in (2009 and 2012) as maximum national achievements and the classification to the South American Cup of (2003, 2013, 2020, 2021) the Libertadores Cup of (2007) in the Group phase as international successes.

Our Story


El Deportivo Pasto It was born on October 12, 1949, with the official name of "Red Gold" which was later changed to the one it currently owns. The leader and journalist Miguel Humberto López «Milachel», together with several people from the city, had the support of the beer company Bavaria to create Deportivo Pasto, a team that would open the football fan outings to the capital of Nariño.

El Pasto participated in its early years, decades of the 1950s and 1960s as a semi-professional team and then having its golden age in the sixties, with a bastion player like "the teacher", Eduardo Delgado monopolized all the titles that were disputed in the department earning the nickname of Pastuso chess due to his exquisite soccer and skill in handling the ball. In 1977, the Government of Nariño, through a resolution, recognized the Deportivo Pasto club as an organized sports entity, granting it its legal status, a fundamental title to aspire to professionalism years later. In the decade of the 1990s, its president Raúl Gonzales laid the first stone, and together with the leaders of that time they managed to get the club to be promoted to the First C category, but not before going through arduous struggles with the "Dif Fútbol" to get all the requirements to participate in the competition.

Appearance in First B

In the years 1995 and 1996, Deportivo Pasto directed by Carlos "Goofy" Valencia made up of youth players from the region, it participated in the First C tournament. In 1995 it managed to win the Suroccidental zone and in 1996 it reached the final homerun. Despite not winning the championship, it managed to attract the attention of the leaders of the region, especially that of the Mayor Antonio Navarro Wolff, who along with some Nariño leaders residing in Bogotá, made the political effort for Deportivo Pasto to be promoted by invitation to play the First B in 1996, thanks to the fact that the number of participants in the promotion tournament increased 14 to 16. Real Cartagena descended that year to Category First C but their participation is impossible since a professional team could not play in a tournament carried out by "Dif Fútbol", a Colombian amateur soccer organization, therefore the number of participants to 16 for which it was forced to increase one more quota that was drawn among the finalists of the First Category C of the previous championship. We cooperate Tolima, champion of the First Category C tournament, passed directly and between Once Caldas B, La Equidad and Deportivo Pasto, the remaining quota was decided that was finally assigned to the Nariño team.

The first year in the professional category he continued under the technical command of Carlos Valencia in the 1996-97 promotion championship. The first match was held on September 14, 1996 against River Plate de Buga (3-3). Sergio Angulo scored twice and Oscar Lagarejo. On September 22 of the same year, and against Cooperamos Tolima, Pasto debuted at home with a victory by 2 goals to 1. Breiby Cárcamo and Sergio Angulo the scorers. That same year he managed to enter the final home run, but finished in last place behind Deportivo Unicosta, Lanceros Boyacá and Atlético Córdoba.

1998: the promotion campaign

Flag of San Juan de Pasto.svg

Flag of San Juan de Pasto, symbol of the city that identifies the colors of the club.

In 1998, the second season was played in the First Category B. Eudoro Dueñas as president and Félix Valverde Quiñónez as a new coach to replace Carlos Valencia. The season began on March 15, 1998, against the Carlos Sarmiento Lora School team at the Libertad Stadium, final score 3-0, with scores by Jorge Vidal, Arley Dinas against and Oscar Echeverry. From the beginning of the campaign, Pasto appeared as the favorite to move up. In the first phase of the tournament, he finished leading with 61 points after the 28 rounds. In the semifinal quadrangular, he was part of group A together with Deportivo Pereira, the great candidate to go up to First A, Deportivo Rionegro and Bello FC. There were moments of anguish, when he lost on the penultimate date at home with the Deportivo Rionegro team, having to play a final in Bello. That match ended 2-3 in favor of the club, reaching the top of the homer with 11.5, qualifying for the final homer with Deportivo Pereira and the qualifiers from group B, Itagüí FC and Real Cartagena.

With back-and-forth games between the 4 teams, Deportivo Pasto started winning at home, 3-1 to Real Cartagena, lost in Itagüí 1-0, and then in the direct duel against Deportivo Pereira, won at home 1-0 and in the visit 3-1, remaining as the lonely leader of the home run. Thus on December 8, 1998 in the absence of a date to conclude the promotion tournament on Deportivo Pasto He was crowned champion after beating Itagüí FC at the Estadio Libertad 2 goals to 1. Carlos Rendón and Herly Alcázar scored for the Pasto, the 12 points achieved, plus the defeat of Real Cartagena against Deportivo Pereira led the Nariño team to the First A The players of that team that became idols, the saves of César Zape, son of Pedro Antonio, the legendary goalkeeper of the Colombian National Team; the solidity of Julio Romaña (captain) in defense; The projection of Oscar Echeverry, the team's scorer with 12 annotations, and the experience of Carlos Rendón, the 33-year-old from Tumaque with his free kick goals and partnering with the youth John Charria in midfield, led the Pastuso team to First division.

1999: Debut in First A

For the 1999 'Apertura' contest to be held between February 7 and June 27, he joined Group D (regional home runs) alongside Atlético Junior, Atlético Bucaramanga and Unión Magdalena, the team was forced to make large displacements when playing with the teams from the northern part of the country. The official premiere of the pastuso team was postponed two weeks after the start of the championship due to a lawsuit that did not prosper, where Deportivo Pereira claimed that Pasto could not play, as it did not have legal status. But the team president, Mr. Eudoro Dueñas, began the campaign to reach the 2500 members, necessary to establish themselves as a professional team and validate their registration as a First Division team.

The debut took place on Thursday, February 18, 1999, against Atlético Bucaramanga (1-1), at the Libertad Stadium. In that game he scored for Pasto, John Charria.

In the first year the team managed to stay in the First Division by finishing in 11th place in the reclassification and also qualified for the semifinal home runs for the first time by finishing eighth in the final tournament, performed against Atlético Nacional, Atlético Junior and Cortuluá.

This season he achieved two historic results, defeating Unión Magdalena 6-1 and Independiente Medellín 6-1, these being the most bulky results it has achieved in its history. Both games were played at the Estadio Libertad.

2002: First final and runner-up

Two seasons later, to see his position in the First division (2000 -2001) in danger. Deportivo Pasto, under the technical command of Néstor Otero, reached its first final in the history of Colombian professional football. After trying it in the Apertura Tournament, in which he classified the final home runs, the 2002 Finalization Tournament, would be the Pasto tournament, he classified second, with 36 points, to the semifinal home runs, where he faced, and beat América de Cali, Unión Magdalena, and Atlético Nacional.

In the grand final he faced Independiente Medellín. The first match, on December 18, was won by the "mighty of the mountain" 2-0, and in the second leg, played on the 22nd, Pasto could not reverse the situation and drew 1-1, which gave him to Independiente Medellín the title of the Finalization Tournament after 45 years without being able to get it.

Despite falling in the final, the Pastuso team did not leave empty-handed, as they finished second in the reclassification of the year, with 70 points, which gave Deportivo Pasto a place in the 2003 South American Cup. The runner-up team included, among others, Jairo "El Viejo" Patiño, Dúmar Rueda, Walter Escobar, Carlos Rendón, Oscar Upegui, Oscar Galvis and Pablo Jaramillo, led by Professor Néstor Otero.

2003: Participation in the South American Cup

Néstor Otero, runner-up coach, continued at the club. However, Pasto's participation in the international tournament was short-lived, since in the first phase he faced Atlético Nacional, a club with which he was eliminated.

The first leg, played at the Estadio Departamental Libertad, was 0-0, on August 6. and in the second leg, played on August 21 at the Atanasio Girardot Stadium, Nacional beat Pasto 2-1. Leonardo Enciso opened the account for Pasto, at minute nine. But Aquivaldo Mosquera (36) and Elkin Calle (46), sentenced the pastusa elimination from their first international tournament.

In the local tournament in the Apertura it is in position 15 and in the Finalization it classifies fifth already in quadrnagular B it is surpassed by the teams Deportivo Cali, Millonarios and Unión Magdalena.

2006: First title


Opening Tournament
2006 - 1st Title

The long-awaited first star of Deportivo Pasto arrived at the 2006 Apertura Tournament, for which Argentine Óscar Héctor Quintabani was the technical director and led by players such as Carlos Villagra, Carlos Rodas, Jorge Vidal and the youth René Rosero and Walden Vargas, El Pasto achieved his greatest achievement to date by winning his first title.

The team qualified eighth in the free-for-all phase with 27 points, which is why it was not a candidate for the crown. Then, in Quadrangular B, he finished first with 13 points, winning the group where he faced Cúcuta Deportivo, and two historical Colombian football, Atlético Nacional and Millonarios, in the final he beat Deportivo Cali, 2-1 in the result global.

The first leg, played at the Pascual Guerrero Olympic Stadium, favored Pasto by the smallest difference, with a goal from Paraguayan Carlos Villagra at minute 75. The return leg, played on June 25, was 1-1, with goals by Jorge Hernando Vidal at minute 59 and the Cali draw, by Anthony Tapia at minute 78. The tie in the second leg gave the title to Pasto, who won 2-1 on the aggregate scoreboard and qualified for the 2007 Copa Libertadores .

In the 2006 Finalization Tournament, he again classified the home runs where he joined Group A with the Deportes Tolima, Atlético Nacional and Boyacá Chicó teams. On this occasion, the Nariño team was third with eight points.

Lineup of the final match against Deportivo Cali, on June 25, 2006.


  • Flag of Colombia.svg Carlos Barahona
  • Flag of Colombia.svg Ariel Sevillano
  • Flag of Colombia.svg Walden vargas
  • Flag of Colombia.svg Harnol Palacios
  • Flag of Colombia.svg Javier Arizala
  • Flag of Colombia.svg Jorge Hernando Vidal
  • Flag of Colombia.svg Juan Fernando Rebolledo placeholder image
  • Flag of Colombia.svg René rosero
  • Flag of Colombia.svg Ferley villamil
  • Flag of Colombia.svg Charles Rodas
  • Flag of Paraguay.svg Carlos Villagra placeholder image
  • Flag of Argentina.svg DT. Oscar Hector Quintabani
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2007: Participation in the Copa Libertadores and Finalization Tournament 2007

After being champion of the 2006 Apertura Tournament, Deportivo Pasto managed to access the 2007 Copa Libertadores, being the first participation in this contest. He was drawn in Group 8, along with the historic Santos de (Brazil), the Uruguayan Defensor Sporting and the Argentine Gimnasia y Esgrima La Plata. Under the technical command of Álvaro de Jesús Gómez, he did not reach any point in the group and occupied the penultimate place in the general table of the contest, surpassing only the Alianza Lima club of Peru.

In the 2007 Finalization Tournament he ranked sixth in the all against all and in the home runs he was part of Group B where he faced the teams La Equidad, Deportes Tolima and Boyacá Chicó in this championship, the Nariño team is second with eight points.

2009: The Descent

After spending eleven consecutive years in the first category, the team fell into an institutional and sports debacle, the averages of the last three years (2007–2009), led Pasto to decline in the 2009 season.

It all started in the 2008 season, with Miguel Prince on the bench. Despite having finished fifth in the 2007 Finalization Tournament and with only the absence of Carlos Hidalgo from the previous team, the bad hires took their toll on the team, finishing 16th in the Apertura. The arrival of poor hires like that of veterans David Montoya and Leonardo Fabio Moreno, in the opening and Oscar Villareal in the end, were one of the causes of the team's debacle. After the departure of Prince, for the end of 2008, Jorge 'el boss' Bermúdez arrived, who had an unfortunate step, only six points out of 21 possible gave his exit, he arrived in his replacement, Bernardo Redín but he could not lift the team and from The new one ended in the 16th box and the ghost of the relegation began to haunt at the end of the reclassification of the year.

For the 2009 season, Deportivo Pasto, started 15th in the table of relegation to 8 points of Deportivo Pereira, last in the table. Continuo, Bernardo Redín as coach and Iván Erazo took his role as President of the team after the resignation of Norman Bracht (RIP), who spent a few months in office. Another bad composition of the payroll, and the lack of financial resources in the team's coffers, caused the team to collapse. The team was reinforced with veteran players such as Orlando Ballesteros, Víctor Pacheco, Néstor Salazar and Carlos Castillo who made a painful step, following the bad streak that the team had been leading and for the third consecutive championship they finished in 16th place and instead of promotion series, a single point from direct descent.

Jorge Luis Bernal, arrived as a coach, to get the team out of the bad streak, and renewing almost the entire payroll, he formed a great team for the end of 2009. Among others, Julián Mesa, Alex del Castillo, Omar Rodríguez, Hugo Pablo Centurión and Carlos Daniel Hidalgo as reinforcements. The team began to excite the fans for their great game and forcefulness, maintaining a consistency that had not been had in a long time, even reaching the final phase of the Colombia Cup. But the road seemed to be written and there was no way out, a dark hand was hovering, the bad arbitrations began to affect the results of the team, on date 13, facing Atlético Huila, the judge, Oscar Gutiérrez, whistled a non-existent penalty in favor of the visitors starting the game and at the end only a draw could be rescued. Then came a disastrous match in Cali against Deportivo Cali (0-3), but Deportivo Pasto had the opportunity to escape direct relegation, receiving Real Cartagena on date 15. The atmosphere was tense in Libertad, Real Cartagena wanted to maintain the tie, retreating back and wasting time, exasperating the fans that were already rough, throwing objects onto the pitch. The tie kept Real Cartagena alive, but in the final minutes, Hidalgo scored giving the victory to Deportivo Pasto, there were seconds left to finish the game and the minute of replacement was already running, but in a corner kick, surprisingly the Judge of line, Alejandro Gallego falls to the ground, due to an alleged attack from the North Stand of the Departmental Liberty Stadium, the referee Óscar Ruiz considers the match suspended due to lack of guarantees after 91 minutes. The result of the match was left in suspense and days later, the Dimayor disciplinary commission decided to apply article 83 of the regulations, determining the loss of points for Deportivo Pasto and giving Real Cartagena the score 3-0, despite to the claims of the Pasto board of directors who alleged that the linesman simulated the aggression.

The lost points caused Deportivo Pasto to fall from second place in the Finalization Tournament to tenth place and in last place in the table of Deportivo Pereira's one-point decline. Although there were three dates left, after that match, to conclude in the championship. The team lost its concentration, feeling the blow for the loss of points and with two consecutive defeats, first on date 16 against Boyacá Chicó at the La Independencia Stadium in Santiago de Tunja and then against Independiente Santa Fe at the Libertad Departmental Stadium on date 17, Sunday, November 8, 2009, the day those led by Jorge Luis Bernal descended to the second division.

Colombia Cup runner-up

In the second reissue of the Colombia Cup, the official tournament that faces the clubs of the First A and First B categories. Deportivo Pasto, led by Jorge Luis Bernal, in the first phase, finished second in group E, with 17 points, one of the leader Deportes Quindío. In the group he faced Deportivo Cali, América de Cali, Deportes Quindío, Depor Fútbol Club and Cortuluá.

In the second phase, they defeated Atlético Huila, 7-6 in kicks from the penalty spot, after finishing 2-2 on aggregate, going to the quarterfinals to face Santa Fe, winning the series 4-3, the first leg in the Estadio Departamental Libertad el Pasto won 3-1 and lost 2-1 in the second leg, a score that gave the classification to both teams, since Independiente Santa Fe achieved its place in the semifinals as the best loser.

In the semifinals, Deportivo Pasto was victorious against Atlético Junior in the two matches played, at home they won 3-1 and in Barranquilla 1-2, qualifying for the final where they faced Santa Fe, who defeated Atlético Nacional in the other game. semifinals.

The first final was played at the Libertad Stadium on November 11 with a favorable result 2-1, for Deportivo Pasto, scored by Omar Rodríguez and Hugo Pablo Centurión for Pasto and Yulian Anchico for Independiente Santa Fe. The second leg was played one week later on November 18 with the same score 2-1, but this time favoring the locals who managed to tie the series in the final minutes by way of maximum penalty, after the central Francisco Peñuela, charged a foul within the area committed by German Centurion. The game was defined in the charges of penalty kick, with a 5 to 4 victory for Independiente Santa Fe. In the series Hugo Pablo Centurión, Andrés Mosquera, Germán Centurión and Oscar Altamirano for Deportivo Pasto failed.

2010 season in the Second Division

For the new stage in the second division, Iván Erazo signs Hernán Darío Herrera as coach, replacing Jorge Luis Bernal, who had gone to Deportivo Cali. Herrera does not start well, without winning a point away from home, on date 10, he leaves the team due to a poor performance, only 10 points out of 30 possible leaving the team 13th in the Tournament. Bernal returns to the team and with him, his coaching staff headed by Flabio Torres, the team begins to rebound, although injuries forced him to use goalkeeper Diego Martínez as a forward on several dates. In the regular phase, Pasto achieved a record in its stadium, 13 consecutive victories that began on April 25 against Bogotá FC (1-0) until October 30, 2010, with a victory (1-0) against Pacífico FC.

At the end of the 36 dates, Pasto finished second with 68 points, behind leader Itagüí Ditaires leading group B of the final home runs, achieving their classification to the grand final of the year after two victories as a visitor against Bogotá FC, Atlético Bucaramanga and Patriots Boyacá.

In the final, those led by Jorge Luis Bernal fell to Itagüí Ditaires, after the 1-1 draw in Pasto and the 2-1 defeat in the municipality of Itagüí, however they had the right to play the promotion series against the penultimate from the table of relegation in Primera A, Envigado FC. In that series, Pasto fell 3-0 on aggregate.

2011: The second ascent

Bernal left the team, after losing the option to promote the previous year and his assistant, Flabio Torres, was to replace him. The squad is changed by 80% and a team is formed with several players with history in the team. Gilberto García, René Rosero, Hugo Pablo Centurión and Carlos Daniel Hidalgo formed the base of the team to face the tournament that had changed the system, this time there would be two winners in the year, from which the champion who would rise to the first division would emerge.

In the opening tournament, Deportivo Pasto was forceful, finishing first with 39 points in the 18 games of the regular phase with another record at home, 9 games without conceding a goal. This time there were no home runs, if not play-offs to decide the tournament champion. Valledupar Fútbol Club was the first rival.In the first leg, as a visitor they drew a 0-XNUMX draw, but in the return at Libertad, the parity continued and by way of penalties, Pasto fell, losing the option of the title in the Opening.

The atmosphere in the city was negative after the defeat, and people moved away from the stadium. Only loyal fans attended the following engagements. President Iván Erazo supported coach Flabio Torres to continue in the second tournament although the reinforcements came with the secrecy of the city's journalism, unknown players in the middle, such as Víctor Manuel Zapata at the end were decisive to get the title. The most important reinforcement for the team was the Paraguayan scorer, champion with the team in the 2006 Apertura Tournament, Carlos Villagra. Several former champions Villagra, Centuríon and Rosero were meeting again, and he would also be in the team with another of the great scorers in the team's history, Carlos Daniel Hidalgo.

Torres begins his journey very well in the second tournament, since he thrashes Depor Fútbol Club 4-0 at home, and advances to the next phase of the Colombia Cup as the leader of the group, but again he crossed Valledupar on the way, this Once for the Cup he is eliminated by this team Criticism reappeared but the month-long break for the U-20 Soccer World Cup held in Colombia calmed things down. Back in the competition, the team maintained a good regularity, remaining the leader throughout the tournament. Despite not winning as a visitor, he was not losing either and the streak at home was extended even further. The eighth pairings would leave him with the most difficult rival, the Autonomous University of Professor Miguel Ángel Converti. He started the series as a visitor, for be the best team in the reclassification of the year and took advantage of that, first in Sabanalarga, Atlántico achieved a draw and defined the series in Libertad 4-0. Then in the semifinals against the Red Express he defined the series at home with a resounding 5-1, qualifying for the final of the second Tournament against Centauros de Popayán previously known as Centauros Villavicencio and at that time already known as Universitario de Popayán for the next Coldeportes in the year 2012. The final match was drawn in the same way as in their previous matches, taking advantage of the locality, they won 2-1 on the aggregate scoreboard, qualifying for the grand final, against the winner of the first Tournament, Patriotas Boyacá. .

The first game of the final was played in Tunja on November 30, with a favorable result for Patriotas Boyacá 1-0, a goal by Elkin Amador. For the return match, those led by Flabio Torres, had to suffer to reach the city due to the winter wave that hits the country, arriving just 24 hours before the game. On December 4, 2011, at the Estadio Libertad, Deportivo Pasto after winning 1-0, in the ninety minutes (goal by Mauricio Mina) won 2-0 against Patriotas Boyacá on penalties and achieved promotion to the highest category of the Colombian soccer Those led by Flabio Torres win the promotion series to First Category A, with an excellent performance, 90 points throughout the entire tournament, without losing at home, with a record of 23 games as a guest. In Pasto, euphoria was unleashed among the fans who saw Super Depor again in the elite of Colombian soccer.

2012: Return to First Division

Deportivo Pasto volvía después de 2 años a disputar la Categoría Primera A,​ esta vez conservando en su mayoría por jugadores del plantel del año pasado con el que consiguieron el ascenso y con Flabio Torres, al mando pero con algunos cambios y refuerzos como el caso de Edwards Jiménez que al principio no rindió pero después fue un jugador fundamental para el equipo y otros nuevos jugadores como José David Moreno, John Jairo Montaño, Omar Andrés Rodríguez, Arlinton Murillo, Andrés Peláez, Óscar Iván Méndez, José Rodrigo Castillo, y vuelve Marino García, más tarde llegarían Bryan Aldave y el boliviano Joselito Vaca, y las bajas más importantes fueron Carlos Daniel Hidalgo, Carlos Villagra y Hugo Pablo Centurión, el equipo del sur del país inició su participación en la primera fecha jugando frente al Independiente Medellín en un partido donde debutaron los dos equipos con un empate a cero goles, a la gente del Super Depor que vio el partido no le importó tanto el resultado sino más bien fue la emoción de verlo en la máxima categoría, sin embargo luego los empates dominaron al Deportivo Pasto por lo menos hasta la 9 fecha ya que hasta esa fecha el Deportivo Pasto empató 5 veces, perdió en dos oportunidades y ganó dos encuentros estos ante Envigado Fútbol Club y La Equidad en donde el equipo volcánico se impuso en los dos partidos por 3-1 por la razón de que el equipo empataba en varias ocasiones el periodismo empezó a criticar al equipo y también al cuerpo técnico pero desde la fecha 10 donde el Deportivo Pasto se impuso 1-0 ante el Atlético Nacional en calidad de visitante los buenos resultados empezaron a llegar y en donde desde esa fecha nunca salió de los 8 mejores y logrando buenos resultados como 4-1 frente al Once Caldas , 2-0 al Boyacá Chicó y 2-1 de visitante al Millonarios , donde quedó a puertas de la clasificación a Semifinales pero la clasificación se definió en la última fecha cuando Deportivo Pasto visitaba al Cúcuta Deportivo en un partido como dicen «de infarto» ya que con el empate Deportivo Pasto clasificaba sin embargo en el primer tiempo el Deportivo Pasto se iba arriba con gol del juvenil Kévin Rendón pero en la parte complementaria Cúcuta Deportivo empataría y después remontaba 2-1 pero ya cuando el Deportivo Pasto parecía que quedaba eliminado llegaría al último minuto del partido el gol de la clasificación por medio de Mauricio Mina y poniéndole cifras concretas al marcador (2-2),​​ ya para los cuadrangulares semifinales el Deportivo Pasto se clasificó como sexto en el grupo A en ese cuadrangular le fue bastante bien al Deportivo Pasto superando en el cuadrangular a clubes como Deportivo Cali, Atlético Huila y al Deportes Tolima llegando así por tercera ocasión a la Gran Final de la Categoría Primera A,​que la jugó frente al Independiente Santa Fe en donde el primer partido de la final jugado en Estadio Departamental Libertad el día miércoles 11 de julio de 2012 empatarían a un gol el gol volcánico fue obra del juvenil Kévin Rendón y en el partido de vuelta jugado en el Estadio Nemesio Camacho El Campín el día domingo 15 de julio de 2012 el Deportivo Pasto perdería por 1-0 quedando así como subcampeón del Torneo apertura.​​​​

Second Semester 2012

For the second semester and without doing a preseason, Deportivo Pasto would face the challenge, with only four reinforcements that were Jaime Córdoba, Ayron Del Valle, Fausto Obeso and goalkeeper José Alexis Márquez Deportivo Pasto began its campaign with a 1-0 against in favor of Independiente Medellín then Deportivo Pasto had a good campaign until date 10 when they were defeated 2-0 at the Estadio Departamental Libertad in favor of Atlético Nacional and thus losing a record of 42 games without losing in Pasto, from then on the team He began to see the classification at 8 very complicated, however when the dates were passed to Deportivo Pasto all the results were given in favor to the point that he depended on himself to qualify on the last date with 25 points and he did it when he he won 2-1 against Corporación Nuevo Cúcuta Deportivo and thus qualifying from 8 to the semifinal homers, already in the homers he was second in the group that faced Millonarios Fútbol Club, Deportes Tolima and Junior the last game was the most suffered by the Nariñenses since with a victory and waiting for Millonarios Fútbol Club to draw or lose with Junior. Deportivo Pasto agreed to a new final, however, Deportivo Pasto drew with Deportes Tolima on Sunday, December 9, 2012 and thus said goodbye to one of the best years and qualifying for the 2013 Copa Sudamericana by remaining 3 in the reclassification of the year and fulfilling the most important objective to save himself from the descent by remaining 11 in the table of the descent, taking more than 20 points from the descended Real Cartagena.

Second runner-up in the Colombia Cup

In the fifth edition of the Colombia Cup, Deportivo Pasto managed to reach the final by beating clubs in the first phase such as Deportivo Cali, Depor Fútbol Club, Universitario de Popayán and Cortuluá, being only surpassed by América de Cali. In the Round of 5 they beat Once Caldas 0-6 on aggregate, in Quarters they defeated Atlético Junior on aggregate 2-3 and in the semifinals they beat Atlético Bucaramanga 1-31 on aggregate, which had just eliminated América in the quarterfinals. from Cali and in the final it fell to Atlético Nacional; In the first leg, played at the Libertad Departmental Stadium on Wednesday, October 2012, 0, it was 0-7 and in the second leg, played at the Atanasio Girardot Stadium on Wednesday, November 2012, 2, Deportivo Pasto fell 0-XNUMX remaining runner-up for the second chance.

2013: An exciting year

This new year for Deportivo Pasto began with the departure of several players, most of them to Once Caldas such as: Edwards Jiménez, Omar Andrés Rodríguez, José Fernando Cuadrado, Gilberto "El Alcatraz" García, former team captain Carlos Giraldo and others who left. to various teams such as: Ayron Del Valle, Marino García, Wilmer Parra, Joselito Vaca, Óscar Iván Méndez, Jaime Córdoba, José Alexis Márquez, and the youth players who went to outside teams such as the case of Kévin Rendón who was signed by Club Estudiantes de La Plata from Argentina and Juan José Narváez who was bought by the minor divisions of Real Madrid, the Real Madrid Castilla Football Club.
With the permanence of Flabio Torres in the team, it was necessary to restructure it with experienced players since the players who left were key pieces, so the first great signing in Deportivo Pasto was goalkeeper David Gonzáles who had come from playing in England, however In a pre-season friendly match against Universidad César Vallejo, he suffered a very serious injury that took him away from the courts throughout the First Semester, so another good goalkeeper was hired, such as the Uruguayan Lucero Álvarez, the other contracts were: Mario Efraín Gómez , midfielder; Juan Guillermo Vélez, forward; Óscar Ramos as Substitute goalkeeper, Anthony Tapia, midfielder; Ever Quiñones, midfielder; Marlon Piedrahíta, defender; Luis Eduardo Lora returned to the team as a defender; Frank Pacheco, midfielder, John Jairo Palacios, forward; Camilo Pérez, defense; Osneider Álvarez, midfielder; Humberto Marquínez, midfielder; the great recruitment Luis Páez, forward; Álvaro José Barros forward and finally Fabri Castro, defender to reinforce the payroll in 2013 of the First Semester.
Entering the 2013 season First Semester Deportivo Pasto started 2 wins very well in the first 2 dates against Deportes Quindío in Armenia and with Patriotas Boyacá in Pasto then there would be an exciting game against Deportivo Cali that ended tied at 2 goals finishing the 2 with 7 points and leaders of the Championship, then a date would come that would leave Deportivo Pasto as the only leader of Colombian Soccer with 10 points since they won 1-0 against Junior from Barranquilla who came from a bad streak, from then on we did well winning all The home matches against Millonarios by 2-1 Deportivo Independiente Medellín by 1-0 but on date 9 in a very complicated match, Deportivo Pasto lost 1-2 at the Libertad de Pasto Stadium against Deportivo Cali after the match they found that Luis Páez and Sebastián Villota had problems of indiscipline so they expelled Luis Páez who was coming from a low performance and Sebastián Villota was given more sanction dates. It's a fine. From then on, he tied the following 4 games until date 14, where he won 2-1 in Libertad against Cúcuta Deportivo with what reached 24 units, then on date 15 where he did win, he classified early, there was a Historic win for Deportivo Pasto losing 6-1 at the Guillermo Plazas Alcid Stadium in Neiva against Atlético Huila, hence the qualification for the Final Foursquare was going to arrive on the last date when it was visited by Itagüí Ditaires when it drew 1-1 in a game quite suffered until the end with what was classified as 8 with 26 points. For the Semifinals Quadrangular he would start with a 2-1 in favor at the Libertad Stadium against Atlético Nacional then he would visit Deportes Tolima where he fell 2-1, then he would visit Itagui where he would win by 2-3 thus gaining 6 points in the Quadrangular For the next game there was a lot of expectation to reach the final since Atlético Nacional and Deportes Tolima had tied and that left the way clear that by winning the next two games, regardless of results, Deportivo Pasto would be in the Final, unfortunately that did not happen in the Estadio Libertad would lose to Itagüí Ditaires by 0-1 and then also in the city of Pasto it would tie at 1 goal against Deportes Tolima, which would leave Deportes Tolima as the most optioned of the group to go to the final but on the last date of The Home Runs all the teams in the group had chances to go to the final, Deportivo Pasto had to win in Medellín and hope that Deportes Tolima does not win but Deportivo Pasto lost He went 2-1 and left Atlético Nacional as a finalist in the group, which would eventually become Colombian champion, thus ending the First Semester for Deportivo Pasto.

Second Semester 2013

After the summer passed, the Second Semester of 2013 began, players who were not performing in the team came out, such as: Anthony Tapia, Arlinton Murillo, Óscar Ramos and Álvaro José Barros.
They arrived as reinforcements for the Second Semester: Mauricio Gómez Pérez, Luis Carlos Murillo, Andrés Mosquera, the Uruguayan Jorge Andrés Ramírez Frostte who in the end would be fundamental, the other Uruguayan Julián Lalinde the Great Hiring for the Second Semester, Víctor Manuel Zapata returned after the recovery from a venous thrombosis that took him away during the entire First Semester, David Gonzáles recovered from his injury, who returned as a goalkeeper but no longer as a starter since Lucero Álvarez won his position thanks to the great participation in the First Semester and returned the Kévin Rendón team as it did not do well in Argentina last semester.
The season would start with a 1-0 in favor at the Libertad stadium against Deportes Quindío from then on until date 4 were draws, one of them with Patriotas Boyacá with a substitute payroll since the starter was focused on the South American Cup game , on date 4 he would be victorious in Barranquilla, beating Junior de Barranquilla by 0-1 from then on he had to postpone several games such as Deportes Tolima by date 5 and with La Equidad by date 7 he lost against Millonarios by a defeat 4-0 But Deportivo Pasto was on an alternate payroll, from then on it had a regular campaign since it did not lose but tied date after date and was being left out of the best 8 since the team was focused on the South American Cup, the ties stopped on date 12 when he received Boyacá Chicó at Libertad with a score of 4-3 where the Southerners smiled again, then a string of triumphs with Alianza Petrolera would come 2-1 at the Libertad Stadium fordate 13, then with Cúcuta Deportivo in Cúcuta by 1-2 by date 14 and on a postponed date (date 7) with La Equidad in the city of Pasto by a score of 4-1, which would leave it to Deportivo Pasto 2 (co-leader) behind Atlético Nacional in the championship with 25 points, there ended the victories of Deportivo Pasto since on date 15 facing Atlético Huila in Libertad, winning, they classified early with 28 points but the match was tied leaving Deportivo Pasto With 26 points still in second position, then a match would come to be forgotten on date 16 with Santa Fe that lost 2-0 with own goals from Deportivo Pasto defender Wilson Galeano, then date 17 would come with Atlético Nacional, the already classified leader to Home runs in a game in which there were two goals, one for each team, and they happened in the 90th minute one immediately after the other while Deportivo Pasto celebrated Nacional tied the game 1-1 with which it would leave DeportivoPasto with 27 points very close to the classification, on the last date Deportivo Pasto lost against Itagüí Ditaires, however it was classified as 7 with 27 points. In the semifinal home runs, Deportivo Pasto would start with an undeserved 3-2 defeat against Deportivo Cali in that subsequent week Deportivo Pasto fired 4 fundamental players in the team for not showing up for training since these players were protesting because they had not been paid 1 month's salary the players who left the institution were: Julián Lalinde, David Gonzáles, Frank Pacheco and Marlon Piedrahíta.

Colombia Cup 2013

In this edition of the Colombia Cup, Deportivo Pasto faced University of Popayán, Cortuluá, América de Cali, Deportivo Cali and Depor Fútbol Club in Group E, where it did not start very well and that in the intermediate dates the classification for the second round was in doubt. in the final and in some dates they finished in the last places of the group, however in the end he won the games he had to win and was classified as one of the best third to the Eighth, in the second round he would play against Atlético Nacional one of the favorites to the title, the two had already played in this competition in the 2012 Final, this time they would start at the Libertad Stadium with a 0-3 loss with alternate payrolls and in the return game Atlético Nacional would win 1-0 in the Atanasio Girardot Stadium in Medellín also with alternate payrolls, thus ending the 2013 Colombia Cup for Deportivo Pasto.

Participation in the 2013 South American Cup

After the draw held in Buenos Aires, Argentina on July 3, 2013, it was known that the team that will face Deportivo Pasto in the first phase of the Copa Sudamericana is FBC Melgar de Arequipa del Perú in the first leg match held in the Libertad de Pasto stadium on July 31, 2013 would be a historic event since it would be the first time that Deportivo Pasto won in an International Tournament and did so with a win by winning 3-0 with goals from Nicolás Palacios on 2 occasions and one by Luis Carlos Murillo, then in the return match on August 6, 2013 played in Arequipa, Peru at the Mariano Melgar Stadium, Deportivo Pasto lost 2-0 but qualified for the second phase thanks to a 3-2 aggregate and Another historical event occurred for the first time Deportivo Pasto qualified for the next phase of the Copa Sudamericana.

In the second phase, he faced Colo Colo from Chile, who was the favorite of the key, the first match was played at the Estadio Libertad de Pasto on August 22, 2013 where Deportivo Pasto won 1-0 with a goal from Mauricio. Mina and in the second leg that was played in Santiago de Chile, on August 28, 2013 at the Estadio Monumental David Arellano, Deportivo Pasto would surprise by beating a South American great and going through the round this time by 0-2 the two goals of Deportivo Pasto were made by Julián Lalinde who became the figure of the match.

Already in the round of 25 the rival was Ponte Preta de Campinas Brazil in the Ida game played in Campinas on September 2013, 2 at the Moisés Lucarelli Stadium Deportivo Pasto would lose by a score of 0-22, already in the second leg played at the Libertad de Pasto Departmental Stadium on October 2013, 1 Deportivo Pasto beat Ponte Preta by a score of 0-1 goal by Mauricio Mina but it was not enough to qualify for the Quarterfinals since Ponte Preta won the global scoreboard by 2-2013 saying goodbye to the XNUMX South American Cup, which has been Deportivo Pasto's best international participation so far.

Club crisis (2014-2015)

It began with the departure of coach Flabio Torres to Once Caldas de Manizales, because he did not want to renew the contract with the club at the end of 2013. Likewise, key players such as Gilberto García and Carlos Giraldo were discharged, where they emigrated to same white club; Likewise, it was confirmed the licensed departures of David González, Marlon Piedrahíta and the scorer Julián Lalinde by the directors, due to the issue of salaries. In his replacement, coach Jorge Luis Bernal arrived at the squad, during the first half of the year 2014. However, the results were not expected and the club finished in a doubtful 14th place in the general table, breaking a streak of qualifying in the eighth, something that had not happened since 2011 and forcing the resignation of the coach. In the second half of the year, Wilson Gutiérrez arrived from Independiente Santa Fe and with him, veteran players like Jairo Patiño with the dream of returning to the round of 17. But that dream turned into a nightmare when the results were devastating, they reaped few victories and many draws, leaving in XNUMXth position and causing the departure of the Bogota coach, the great departure of players from the squad and the great financial crisis of the volcanic team.

2015 began with a rebirth, the First Category A was competing with 20 teams for the first time, when the directors appointed Eudoro Dueñas as president; The Colombian-Argentine coach Óscar Héctor Quintabani returned to the team, who was in charge of the club being crowned champion for the first time in the 2006 Apertura Tournament against Deportivo Cali. With him, players like Ariel Sevillano and Gustavo Bolívar, made us dream of the team repeating history. But it was a setback, when the campaign started so terrible with just two wins and the majority of consecutive losses, forcing the coach to resign. At that very moment, Guillermo Berrío came to the bench. However, the club was a disaster, achieving the antirecord of having the worst record of the tournament with just 9 units and leaving it in the last position, jeopardizing its permanence in First A.

Even with Berrío in the club, a great change and attitude is expected in the second half of the tournament in 2015, although starting with another flock of player departures, but bringing experienced players such as Nelson Ramos, Luis Estacio, the Daniel twins. and Óscar Briceño, and Efraín Viáfara.

Second Semester 2015

After the summer passed, Deportivo Pasto would have to face the second semester of 2015, players such as: Esteban Giraldo, Rodrigo Odriozola, Ariel Sevillano, Jhon Jairo Montaño, Hernán Pereyra, Gustavo Bolívar, Henry Hernández, Jorge Ramírez, Yustin would start Arboleda, among others that had a terrible campaign. With the departure of more than 20 players, coach Guillermo Berrío would have to change more than 90% of the team. Experienced players began to arrive such as: Luis Estacio, Nelson Ramos, the Briseño Óscar and Daniel brothers, Efraín Viáfara and the return of Edwards Jiménez to the Pastuso team. Players such as: Jonathan Ávila, José David Leudo, Yuber Asprilla, Darío Bustos, Álex Díaz, Francisco Córdoba, Rodrigo Soria, Giovanny Martínez, Claudio Rivero, Jeysen Núñez and Wilson Mena were also joined by players: Jorge Iván Soto, Omar Mancilla, Camilo Ceballos, Bréiner Belalcázar, Jonathan Gómez and Marlon Fernández. With the squad ready to face the Águila II League, Pasto faced his first challenge at home, which was Millionaires in an intense match they tied (0-0), for the second date he would have to face Cortulua where the team was defeated (5- 1), for the third and fourth date grass did the task beating (2-0) to Jaguares and (2-1) to Once Caldas, the fifth date faced Atlético Nacional falling (4-0), the sixth date grass received to Uniautonoma where he won (3-0), for the sixth and seventh dates, Pasto was defeated by the same score (1-0) against Independiente Medellín and Alianza Petrolera, for date 9, Pasto defeated Envigado (2-0) On the tenth date, Pasto fell as a local against La Equidad (1-2), for the following dates, Deportivo Pasto obtained 5 victories (Santa Fe, Atlético Huila, Patriotas Boyacá, La Equidad and Cúcuta Deportivo.), 2 draws against (Deportivo Cali and Deportes Tolima) and 2 defeats (Boyacá Chico and Junior. Golden Eagles. With the hope that the team would qualify for the play-offs, the team played its last card, but things did not work out and they fell free by 0-3 and thus obtaining 30 points that did not reach their classification.

Colombia Cup 2015

In the 8th edition of the Colombia Cup led by Oscar Héctor Quintabani:

  • In the first phase he finished first with 11 points. The team faced group D at Universitario de Popayán, Unión Magdalena and Valledupar.
  • In the second round, Guillermo Berrío faced Real Cartagena with an aggregate score of 5-2. In the first leg in Cartagena they tied 1-1 and in the second leg the grass won 4-1, qualifying for the quarterfinals against Once Caldas.
  • In the quarterfinals he faced Once Caldas. On a 2-2 aggregate in the first leg, in home condition, they drew 2-2. In the return leg, the teams drew 0-0 and having to define the series from the penalty spot where the team fell 3-2 and thus saying goodbye to the 2015 Colombia Cup team.

Season 2016

Opening Tournament

In this new year the team promised as it had finished doing a good campaign in 2015; with the arrival of players such as Yair Arrechea, Yoiver González, Harold Gómez, Ricardo Villarraga, the midfielders Freddy Machado, Luis Mosquera, Michael Ordóñez, John Varela, Leandro Velázquez, Cleider Alzáte, Brayan Angulo and the forwards Harold Reina and Cristian Nazarit and the start of players who for their good performances were acquired by other teams such as Jonathan Gómez, Marlon Fernández and Yuber Asprilla and others who passed without pain and without glory such as Jorge Iván Soto, Darío Bustos among others.
The league starts off with a good start after maintaining an unbeaten of 8 dates after 2 victories against Boyacá Chicó and La Equidad respectively and 6 draws in which the away draws against Millonarios 1 to 1 and Junior 2 to 2 stand out; On date 9, they are defeated 4 to 0 against Atlético Huila after this stumble, there are two home games against Once Caldas and Medellín in which they win 1 to 0 in both games, after this run of good results comes the downturn of the team after be defeated three dates consecutively against Patriotas Boyacá, Santa Fe and Deportivo Cali respectively, in the last 6 games the team gets only 6 points out of 18 possible and thus be eliminated from the competition with just 24 points.

Tournament Completion

After the terrible first semester, the rout would come after the departure of Guillermo Berrio due to strong accusations that were directed towards the leader Oscar Casabon; with him came players like Nelson Ramos, Harold Gómez, Brayan Angulo, Harold Reina, the resignations of the players Bréiner Belalcázar and Cleider Alzáte, among others. José Fernando Santa came to the bench and with him players such as Jonathan Deniz, Christian Rivera, Yesus Cabrera, Juan Gilberto Núñez, Alveiro Sánchez and the arrival of the player Johan Arango returned the hope of having a competitive team but would start with the left foot after falling defeated at home 2 to 1 against Once Caldas, he would calm the spirits after beating Boyacá Chicó as a visitor but he would fall again after playing 4 games and only obtaining 3 points, he returned to show good football for date 8 in which he managed to win against Cortuluá with a solitary goal. But this time he fell again at the hand of La Equidad with a resounding 4 to 0, for dates 9 and 10 he excited the fans after beating Atlético Huila by 2 to 0 and Once Caldas as a visitor 2 to 3 but after 8 dates in which it would be vital to win the team fell into a losing streak and draws in which it obtained 2 points 24; With this bad run, the team was very committed in the relegation table since Boyacá Chicó had won important matches, so the fans and the community in general asked the governor to interfere so that the team does not fall into the basement of the descent, which The governor accepted and went to the team's offices, after a long talk, the governor promised to help the team and asked the bars and fans in general to accompany the team in the last game of the team where he would face the already Fortaleza descended by date 19; For certain reasons, Dimayor was asked that the matches Deportivo Pasto vs Fortaleza and Independiente Medellín vs Boyacá Chicó will be played at the same time so that the teams no longer play with the results. The day of the game would arrive in which more than 15.000 souls attended who sang the only and solitary goal of Julián Guillermo with which the team would win and remain one more year in the Eagle League.

Colombia Cup 2016

In the 9th edition of the Colombia Cup by the hand of Guillermo Berrio:

  • In the first phase he finished first with 11 points. The team faced group D at Universitario de Popayán, Unión Magdalena and Valledupar.
  • In the round of 1 the team faced Junior in which the first leg in Barranquilla won 2-4, with scores by Léiner Escalante for Junior and a double by Johan Arango for Deportivo Pasto; In the second leg the team was defeated by a goal from Édison Toloza, taking it to the kicks from the penalty spot where Junior won 5-XNUMX, eliminating the club.

Season 2017

After ending a terrible year that was 2016, great changes would come for the team, starting with the dismissal of technical director José Fernando Santa, which triggered the departure of several leaders, in which the name of the president, Eudoro Dueñas, stands out. With the team adrift, Óscar Casabón arrives as president, who arrives with new projects for the club.

At the end of 2016, Flabio Torres was unexpectedly appointed as the new technical director and with him came experienced players who promise to once again have a competitive team that will keep him from relegation. Finally, he finished 3rd in the Apertura Tournament after almost five years of uncertainty, moving quickly away from the relegation table and later qualifying for the quarterfinals where they would fall before América de Cali by the minimum, leaving good impressions in the Águila league.

In Copa Colombia, he is first in his group, beating Universitario Popayán, Cortuluá and Valledupar FC, then he is eliminated in the round of XNUMX by Independiente Medellín in definition by penalties.


  • Titular uniform: Red t-shirt with blue edges and emblems of the region (Galeras Volcano), blue pants with red edges and red socks with blue edges.
  • Alternate uniform: Blue t-shirt with red edges and emblems of the region (Galeras Volcano), red pants with blue edges and blue socks with red edge.
  • Alternate uniform: White t-shirt, white pants with blue and red borders and white socks with blue border.

Local uniform evolution

Kit left arm yellowborder
Kit body grass15h
Right arm yellowborder kit
Kit shorts.svg
Kit socks.svg
Sport left arm kit Pasto16h
Sports body kitPasto16h
Kit right arm DeportivoPasto16h
Sports shorts kitPasto16h
Kit socks.svg
Sport left arm kit Pasto17h
Sports body kitPasto17h
Kit right arm DeportivoPasto17h
Sports shorts kitPasto17h
Sports socks kit Pasto17h
Kit left arm DeporPasto2018h
Body kit DeporPasto2018h
Kit right arm DeporPasto2018h
DeporPasto2018h shorts kit
DeporPasto2018h socks kit
Kit left arm DeporPasto19h
Body kit DeporPasto19h
Kit right arm DeporPasto19h
DeporPasto19h shorts kit
DeporPasto19h socks kit
Kit left arm DeporPasto20h
Body kit DeporPasto20h
Kit right arm DeporPasto20h
DeporPasto20h shorts kit
Kit socks.svg

Away uniform evolution

Kit left arm yellowborder
Kit body grass15a
Right arm yellowborder kit
Kit shorts.svg
Kit socks.svg
Sport left arm kit Pasto16a
Sports body kit Pasto16a
Sport right arm kit Pasto16a
Sports shorts kitPasto16a
Kit socks.svg
Sport left arm kit Pasto17a
Sports body kit Pasto17a
Sport right arm kit Pasto17a
Sports shorts kitPasto17a
Sports socks kit Pasto17a
Kit left arm DeporPasto2018a
Body kit DeporPasto2018a
Kit right arm DeporPasto2018a
DeporPasto2018a shorts kit
DeporPasto2018a socks kit
Kit left arm DeporPasto19a
Body kit DeporPasto19a
Kit right arm DeporPasto19a
DeporPasto19a shorts kit
DeporPasto19a socks kit
Kit left arm DeporPasto20a
Body kit DeporPasto20a
Kit right arm DeporPasto20a
DeporPasto20a shorts kit
Kit socks.svg

Third uniform evolution

Sport left arm kit Pasto16t
Sports body kit Pasto16t
Sport right arm kit Pasto16t
Sports shorts kitPasto16t
Kit socks.svg
Sport left arm kit Pasto17t
Sports body kit Pasto17t
Sport right arm kit Pasto17t
Sports shorts kitPasto17t
Sports socks kit Pasto17t
Kit left arm DeporPasto2018t
Body kit DeporPasto2018t
Kit right arm DeporPasto2018t
DeporPasto2018t shorts kit
DeporPasto2018t socks kit
Kit left arm DeporPasto19t
Body kit DeporPasto19t
Kit right arm DeporPasto19t
DeporPasto19t shorts kit
DeporPasto19t socks kit
Kit left arm DeporPasto20t
Body kit DeporPasto20t
Kit right arm DeporPasto20t
DeporPasto20t shorts kit
Kit socks.svg

Apparel and sponsor

Apparel & Sponsor
Period Dress Sponsored by
1996-1997 None Flag of Colombia.svg Poker Beer
1998 Flag of Brazil.svg Penalty
1999 Flag of Colombia.svg Nectar brandy
2000-2001 Flag of Colombia.svg Toccata
2002-2003 FSS Logo.svg
Flag of Colombia.svg

Nariño brandy

2004 TorinoBrand Logo.svg
Flag of Colombia.svg Torino
2005-2006 Flag of Colombia.svg Kids
2007 Umbro logo
Flag of England.svg Umbrian
2008 Arrow Logo.svg
Flag of Colombia.svg Arrow
2009 Kaxon Logo.svg
Flag of Colombia.svg Kaxon
2010 FSS Logo.svg
Flag of Colombia.svg FSS
2011-2015 Keuka Logo.svg
Flag of Mexico.svg Keuka
2016 Sheffy Logo.svg
Flag of Colombia.svg Sheffy
2017-2018 Arrow Logo.svg
Flag of Colombia.svg Arrow
2019 Flag of Colombia.svg Attle Soccer Wear
2020 Flag of Colombia.svg Hillside


Departmental Liberty Stadium

Departmental Liberty Stadium

Freedom Status2010

Panoramic view of the Western Tribune of the Libertad Departmental Stadium.

The Departmental Libertad football stadium is the stage used by the Deportivo Pasto and Deportivo Pasto Femenino teams to play their official matches. It is located on Avenida Panamericana, south exit of San Juan de Pasto. The stadium is owned by the department of Nariño and was inaugurated in 1954 under the name of 13 June but three years after the fall of the dictatorship of General Gustavo Rojas Pinilla, the stadium was renamed Departmental Liberty Stadium. It had a major remodeling due to the participation of Deportivo Pasto in the 2007 Copa Libertadores, leaving it with a capacity of approximately 28.000 spectators. It has natural grass and dimensions of the playing field of 120 x 90 m. In addition to being the headquarters of the Deportivo Pasto team, it is the main stage of the city where sports and cultural events are held, such as the event on January 3, Song to the Earth of the Carnival of Blacks and Whites.

Municipal Stadium of Ipiales

Due to the total remodeling of the Libertad Departmental Stadium, which was carried out since the beginning of 2019, the team has not been able to use its facilities and given that, the Municipal Stadium of Ipiales has been established as an alternate headquarters, it was the headquarters between February 3 and on October 19, 2019.

Club data

  • Historic post: 17º
  • Seasons in 1st: 36 (1999 - 2009, 2012 - present).
  • Seasons in 2st: 5 (1996-97 - 1998, 2010 - 2011).
  • Seasons in 3st: 5 (1991-1995).
  • Best place in the league
    • First A 1º (2006-I).
    • First B 1st (1998, 2011).
    • First C 2nd (1995).
  • Worst place in the league:
    • First A 20 ° (2015-I)
    • First B 11th (Adaptation 1997).
    • First C 15th (Adaptation 1994).
  • Greatest goals scored at home:
    • In national championships:
      • 6-1 to Unión Magdalena on February 28, 1999
      • 6-1 to Independiente Medellín on November 5, 1999
      • 5-0 to Envigado FC on October 15, 2006.
      • 5-0 to Patriotas Boyacá on February 21, 2017
      • 5-1 to Atlético Huila on April 5, 2014
      • 5-1 to Once Caldas on October 4, 2009
      • 4-0 to América de Cali on June 9, 2004
      • 4-0 to Atlético Huila on September 5, 1999
      • 4-0 to Atlético Bucaramanga on February 7, 2020
      • 4-1 to Equidad on November 1, 2007
      • 4-1 to Jaguares de Córdoba on February 17, 2019
      • 4-1 to Independiente Santa Fe on April 9, 2006
      • 4-2 at Atlético Nacional on November 17, 2000
    • In international championships:
      • 3-0 to Melgar on July 31, 2013
  • Highest Away Wins Achieved:
    • In national championships:
      • 0-4 to Cortuluá on February 3, 2017
      • 0-4 to Atlético Huila on September 18, 2005
      • 1-4 to Cortuluá on September 3, 2000
      • 0-3 to Real Cartagena on May 21, 2006
      • 0-3 to América de Cali on June 1, 2019
      • 0-3 to Millionaires on September 2, 2007
      • 0-3 to Boyacá Chicó on November 25, 2007
      • 1-3 to Atlético Nacional on June 18, 2006
    • In international championships:
      • 0-2 at Colo Colo on August 28, 2013
  • Greatest win from home:
    • In national championships:
      • 1-5 with América de Cali, June 18, 2000
      • 1-4 with Deportivo Cali on March 29, 2015
      • 0-3 with Cortuluá on February 7, 2015
      • 0-3 with Rionegro Águilas on November 22, 2015
      • 0-3 with Independiente Medellín on February 28, 2015
    • In international championships:
      • 0-2 with Gymnastics and Fencing on April 5, 2007
  • Highest win received from Away:
  • In national championships:
  • 6-0 with Golden Eagles on May 17, 2015
  • 6-1 with Atlético Huila on May 12, 2013
  • 5-1 with Millionaires on March 25, 2015
  • 5-1 with Cortuluá on July 18, 2015
  • 5-2 with Deportivo Pereira on April 13, 2008
  • 4-0 with Santa Fe on April 5, 2015
  • 4-0 with Millionaires on October 5, 2008
  • 4-0 with Deportes Tolima on December 6, 2006
    • In international championships:
      • 3-0 with Defensor Sporting on March 28, 2007
      • 3-0 with Santos on April 19, 2007
  • Top scorer: Carlos Daniel Hidalgo with 55 goals.
  • Most games played: René Rosero with 360 games.
  • Olympic goals
    • Carlos Rendón in 2001.
    • Brahaman Sinisterra in 2007.
    • Gilberto García in 2018

International participation

International Cup Edition Phase
Copa Libertadores 2007 Group stage
South American Cup 2003 First phase
2013 Round of XNUMX
2020 First phase

Club timeline

Graph of the historical evolution in League



Template 2021-I

Players Technical team
No. Nac. Pos Name Age Last team
1 Flag of Colombia.svg 0BY Diego Martínez  31 years Flag of Colombia.svg Quindío Sports
12 Flag of Colombia.svg 0BY John Diego Gil  19 years Flag of Colombia.svg Boyacá Patriots
33 Flag of Venezuela.svg 0BY Jose David Contreras  26 years Flag of Venezuela.svg Deportivo Tachira
2 Flag of Venezuela.svg 1DEF Leonardo Aponte  26 years Flag of Venezuela.svg Deportivo Lara
3 Flag of Colombia.svg 1DEF Oswaldo Henriquez  32 years Flag of Israel.svg Bnei Sakhnin FC
4 Flag of Colombia.svg 1DEF Yilson rosales  20 years Flag of Mexico.svg Roadrunner of the UAT
5 Flag of Colombia.svg 1DEF Hernan Pertuz  32 years Flag of Colombia.svg Independent Medellín
11 Flag of Colombia.svg 1DEF Yhorman hurtado  24 years Flag of Colombia.svg Alianza Petrol
19 Flag of Colombia.svg 1DEF David Gómez Injury icon 2.svg  33 years Flag of Colombia.svg Once Caldas
23 Flag of Colombia.svg 1DEF Christian Tovar  22 years Flag of Colombia.svg Deportes Tolima
32 Flag of Colombia.svg 1DEF Thomas Maya  24 years Flag of Colombia.svg Envigado
Flag of Colombia.svg 1DEF Sebastian Macias  24 years Flag of Colombia.svg Once Caldas
6 Flag of Colombia.svg 2MED Daniel Rojano  23 years Flag of Colombia.svg Once Caldas
7 Flag of Colombia.svg 2MED Kevin Rendon  28 years Flag of Colombia.svg Leones
8 Flag of Colombia.svg 2MED Camilo Ayala Captain sports.svg Injury icon 2.svg  34 years Flag of Colombia.svg Golden Eagles
14 Flag of Colombia.svg 2MED Ederson Moreno  27 years Flag of Colombia.svg orsomarso
16 Flag of Colombia.svg 2MED louis philip perez  25 years Flag of Colombia.svg Bogota FC
18 Flag of Colombia.svg 2MED Almir Soto  26 years Flag of Colombia.svg Boyacá Patriots
20 Flag of Colombia.svg 2MED Esneyder Mena  23 years Flag of Mexico.svg Roadrunner of the UAT
22 Flag of Panama.svg 2MED Michael Camargo  27 years Flag of Venezuela.svg Deportivo Tachira
26 Flag of Colombia.svg 2MED Cristian Diaz  22 years Flag of Colombia.svg Bogota FC
27 Flag of Colombia.svg 2MED Arlex hurtado  22 years Flag of Colombia.svg Bogota FC
28 Flag of Colombia.svg 2MED Francisco Rodríguez  33 years Flag of Colombia.svg Golden Eagles
30 Flag of Colombia.svg 2MED Cesar Quintero  32 years Flag of Colombia.svg Athletic Bucaramanga
31 Flag of Colombia.svg 2MED Iván Rivas  33 years Flag of Colombia.svg Golden Eagles
35 Flag of Venezuela.svg 2MED Andres Montero  26 years Flag of Chile.svg Coquimbo Unido
9 Flag of Colombia.svg 3OF Jeison medina Injury icon 2.svg  26 years Flag of Colombia.svg America de Cali
10 Flag of Colombia.svg 3OF Ray vanegas  28 years Flag of Colombia.svg Once Caldas
15 Flag of Colombia.svg 3OF Duban Palace  24 years Flag of Colombia.svg Bogota FC
17 Flag of Colombia.svg 3OF Stephan Arango  27 years Flag of Colombia.svg National Athletic
21 Flag of Colombia.svg 3OF Carlos Daniel Hidalgo  34 years Flag of El Salvador.svg Sonsonate
29 Flag of Colombia.svg 3OF Juan Sebastian Herrera Injury icon 2.svg  26 years Flag of Ecuador.svg Crane
Flag of Colombia.svg 3OF Cesar Amaya  30 years Flag of Colombia.svg Cortulua
Coach (s)

Flag of Colombia.svg Diego Corridor

Assistant Coach (s)

Flag of Colombia.svg Hebert Rios
Flag of Colombia.svg John Alex Cano

Physical trainer (s)

Flag of Colombia.svg Rodrigo Larrahondo

Goalkeeping coach (s)

Flag of Colombia.svg Victor Cabezas

Physician (s)

Flag of Colombia.svg Omar benavides

Kinesiologist (s)

Flag of Colombia.svg Christian tovar

  • Pos : Position
  • Nac. : Sports nationality
  • Captain sports.svg Captain
  • Injury icon 2.svg Injured
  • BY / ARQ : Goalkeeper
  • DEF : Defending
  • MID / VOL : Midfielder
  • OF : Forward

Updated April 5, 2021

  • Colombian teams are limited to having a maximum of four foreign players in the squad. The list includes only the main nationality of each player.
  • Since the 2020 season, Dimayor has only authorized the registration of (25) players, of which (5) must be under-23 category. The teams that play an international tournament will be able to register (28) players.

Registrations and registrations 2020-I

Players who entered and left Deportivo Pasto in the 2020-I preseason.

Player Position Provenance Market
Flag of Colombia.svg Diego Corridor FootballPositionEN is Coach Flag of Colombia.svg Boyacá Patriots Free
Flag of Colombia.svg Diego Martínez FootballPositionGK is Goalie Flag of Colombia.svg Quindío Sports Free
Flag of Colombia.svg Luis Delgado FootballPositionGK is Goalie Flag of Colombia.svg Golden Eagles Free
Flag of Venezuela.svg Leonardo Aponte FootballPositionCT is Defense Flag of Venezuela.svg Deportivo Lara Free
Flag of Colombia.svg Marvin vallecilla FootballPositionCT is Defense Flag of Colombia.svg Athletic Bucaramanga Free
Flag of Colombia.svg Kherson Malagon FootballPositionCT is Defense Flag of Colombia.svg Boyacá Patriots Free
Flag of Colombia.svg John Grove FootballPositionCT is Defense Flag of Colombia.svg Deportes Tolima Assignment
Flag of Colombia.svg danilo grove FootballPositionCT is Defense Flag of Colombia.svg At Equidad Free
Flag of Colombia.svg Cesar Quintero FootballPositionMID is Midfielder Flag of Colombia.svg Athletic Bucaramanga Free
Flag of Argentina.svg Christian Alvarez FootballPositionMID is Midfielder Flag of Colombia.svg America de Cali Free
Flag of Colombia.svg Francisco Rodríguez FootballPositionMID is Midfielder Flag of Colombia.svg Golden Eagles Free
Flag of Colombia.svg John pajoy FootballPositionFWD is Forward Flag of Argentina.svg San Martin Free
Flag of Colombia.svg Edis Ibarguen FootballPositionFWD is Forward Flag of Colombia.svg Once Caldas Assignment
Flag of Colombia.svg Jeison medina FootballPositionFWD is Forward Flag of Colombia.svg America de Cali Assignment
Flag of Colombia.svg Feiver Market FootballPositionFWD is Forward Flag of Colombia.svg Deportivo Cali Free
Flag of Uruguay.svg Carlos Nunez FootballPositionFWD is Forward Flag of Uruguay.svg Rampla Juniors Handover

Player Position To Market
Flag of Ecuador.svg Octavio Zambrano FootballPositionEN is Coach Flag of None.svg To define Waiver
Flag of Equatorial Guinea.svg Carlos Bejarano FootballPositionGK is Goalie Flag of Colombia.svg Golden Eagles End of assignment
Flag of Colombia.svg Carlos Mosquera placeholder image FootballPositionGK is Goalie Flag of None.svg To define End of contract
Flag of Colombia.svg Eder Castaneda FootballPositionCT is Defense Flag of Colombia.svg Athletic Bucaramanga End of assignment
Flag of Colombia.svg Christian Florez FootballPositionCT is Defense Flag of None.svg To define End of assignment
Flag of Colombia.svg Victor Giraldo FootballPositionCT is Defense Flag of None.svg To define End of contract
Flag of Colombia.svg Fabian Viáfara FootballPositionCT is Defense Flag of Colombia.svg Junior Assignment
Flag of Colombia.svg Carlos Henao FootballPositionCT is Defense Flag of Colombia.svg Golden Eagles End of contract
Flag of Colombia.svg Geisson Perea FootballPositionCT is Defense Flag of Colombia.svg National Athletic Handover
Flag of Colombia.svg Nicolas Roa FootballPositionMID is Midfielder Flag of Colombia.svg Athletic Bucaramanga End of contract
Flag of Colombia.svg Dager Palacios FootballPositionMID is Midfielder Flag of None.svg To define End of contract
Flag of Colombia.svg Henry Rojas FootballPositionMID is Midfielder Flag of Colombia.svg Athletic Bucaramanga End of contract
Flag of Colombia.svg Andrey Estupinan FootballPositionMID is Midfielder Flag of Colombia.svg Deportes Tolima Handover
Flag of Panama.svg Romeesh ivey FootballPositionMID is Midfielder Flag of Colombia.svg Alianza Petrol End of contract
Flag of Mexico.svg Philip Ponce FootballPositionMID is Midfielder Flag of El Salvador.svg alliance End of contract
Flag of Colombia.svg Brayhan torres FootballPositionMID is Midfielder Flag of Colombia.svg At Equidad End of assignment
Flag of Colombia.svg Wilfrido de La Rosa FootballPositionFWD is Forward Flag of Colombia.svg Deportivo Pereira End of contract
Flag of Colombia.svg Cesar Amaya FootballPositionFWD is Forward Flag of Colombia.svg Cortuluá End of contract
Flag of Argentina.svg Franco Bolo FootballPositionFWD is Forward Flag of Peru.svg Cusco FC Handover

Loan Players

Players who are owned by the team and are loaned to perform with another team, some with an option to buy.

Player Position Loaned to Patient
Flag of Colombia.svg Fabian Viáfara FootballPositionCT is Defense Flag of Colombia.svg Junior 2021 June
Flag of Colombia.svg Sebastian Villota FootballPositionMID is Midfielder Flag of None.svg

Players on loan at the club

Players owned by another team and on loan from the club, some with an option to buy.

Loaned out at the club
Player Position Loaned from Patient


Current coaching staff

Technical Body Season 2019
Technical Body NN
Technical director Flag of Colombia.svg Diego Corridor
Technical assistant Flag of Colombia.svg John Alex Cano
Physical trainer Flag of Colombia.svg Rodrigo Larrahondo
Medical Flag of Colombia.svg Omar benavides
Kinesiologist Flag of Colombia.svg Diego Sarate
Pre. by Arqueros Flag of Colombia.svg Victor Cabezas

List of all time

  • En black coaches with outstanding performance.

trainers Period
Flag of Colombia.svg Carlos Valencia 1996-1997
Flag of Colombia.svg Felix Valverde 1998-1999
Flag of Colombia.svg Jairo Enriquez 2000
Flag of Colombia.svg Carlos Restrepo 2000
Flag of Colombia.svg Felix Valverde 2000-2001
Flag of Colombia.svg Jairo Enriquez 2001-2002
Flag of Colombia.svg Hugo Chestnut 2002
Flag of Colombia.svg Nestor Otero 2002-2003
Flag of Colombia.svg Miguel Augusto Prince 2003-2004
Flag of Colombia.svg Carlos Navarrete 2004
Flag of Colombia.svg Jairo Enriquez 2004
Flag of Colombia.svg Nestor Otero 2005
Flag of Argentina.svg Oscar Quintabani 2006
Flag of Colombia.svg santiago escobar 2006
Flag of Colombia.svg Alvaro de Jesus Gomez 2007
Flag of Colombia.svg Carlos Rendon 2007
Flag of Colombia.svg Miguel Augusto Prince 2007-2008
Flag of Colombia.svg Jorge Bermudez 2008
Flag of Colombia.svg Bernardo Redin 2008-2009
Flag of Colombia.svg Jorge Luis Bernal 2009
Flag of Colombia.svg Hernan Dario Herrera 2010
Flag of Colombia.svg Jorge Luis Bernal 2010
Flag of Colombia.svg Flabio Torres 2011-2013
Flag of Colombia.svg Jorge Luis Bernal 2014
Flag of Colombia.svg Wilson gutierrez 2014
Flag of Argentina.svg Oscar Quintabani 2015
Flag of Colombia.svg Guillermo Berrio 2015-2016
Flag of Colombia.svg Jose Fernando Santa 2016
Flag of Colombia.svg Flabio Torres 2017-2018
Flag of Argentina.svg Hernan Lisi 2018
Flag of Colombia.svg Jairo Enriquez 2018
Flag of Colombia.svg Alexis Garcia 2019
Flag of Ecuador.svg Octavio Zambrano 2019
Flag of Colombia.svg Diego Corridor 2020 - Act.
Last update: December 4 2019


National tournaments

  • Category First A (1): 2006-I.
  • Category First B (2): 1998 and 2011.
  • Runner-up in First Category A (3): 2002-II, 2012-I, 2019-I.
  • Runner-up in First Category B (1): 2010.
  • Colombia Cup runner-up (2): 2009, 2012.

Friendly tournaments

  • Buga City Cup (1): 2009.

  • City of Pasto International Cup (1): 2012.

  • Popayán City Cup (1): 2015.
  • Super8 Tournament: 2019.

Other equipment

Technical Body
Team Technical Assistant
Deportivo Pasto U-15 Flag of Colombia.svg Rene Rosero
Deportivo Pasto U-17 Flag of Colombia.svg diego sweet
Deportivo Pasto U-20 Flag of Colombia.svg Geovanny ruiz
Deportivo Pasto Feminino Flag of Colombia.svg Rene Rosero

Flag of Colombia.svg Jairo Enriquez

Deportivo Pasto Sub 20

  • Players who participated with the main team and alternatively play with the U-20 team, are available when the manager of the first team has it.

Name Position Age PJ goals Club Pro.
1 Flag of Colombia.svg John David Rojas Flag-map of Colombia.svg FootballPositionGK is Goalkeeper 21 years * * Sports Pasto logo Minor divisions
33 Flag of Colombia.svg Andres Cabezas FootballPositionGK is Goalkeeper 23 years 5 -7 Sports Pasto logo Minor divisions
23 Flag of Colombia.svg Wiliam perez FootballPositionCT is Right side 23 years 4 * Sports Pasto logo Minor divisions
26 Flag of Colombia.svg Juan Camilo Lopez FootballPositionCT is Central defense 23 years 1 * Sports Pasto logo Minor divisions
34 Flag of Colombia.svg Alexis Ordonez FootballPositionCT is Central defense 23 years 3 * Sports Pasto logo Minor divisions
35 Flag of Colombia.svg José Ortiz FootballPositionCT is Left side 22 years * * Sports Pasto logo Minor divisions
37 Flag of Colombia.svg Camilo Bastidas FootballPositionCT is Left side 21 years * * Sports Pasto logo Minor divisions
39 Flag of Colombia.svg Steve Benitez FootballPositionCT is Central defense 22 years * * Sports Pasto logo Minor divisions
40 Flag of Colombia.svg Kevin Barrios FootballPositionCT is Central defense 22 years * * Sports Pasto logo Minor divisions
6 Flag of Colombia.svg Matteo garcia FootballPositionMID is Brand Steering Wheel 22 years 2 * Sports Pasto logo Minor divisions
15 Flag of Colombia.svg Leader Suarez FootballPositionMID is Mixed Flyer 22 years * * Sports Pasto logo Minor divisions
25 Flag of Colombia.svg Michael Munoz FootballPositionMID is Brand Steering Wheel 22 years * * Sports Pasto logo Minor divisions
31 Flag of Colombia.svg Kevin Salazar Flag-map of Colombia.svg FootballPositionMID is Mixed Flyer 23 years 5 * Flag of Colombia.svg Carlos Sarmiento Lora
41 Flag of Colombia.svg Duver riascos FootballPositionMID is Offensive midfielder 21 years * * Sports Pasto logo Minor divisions
42 Flag of Colombia.svg Carlos Sinisterra FootballPositionMID is Offensive midfielder 21 years * * Sports Pasto logo Minor divisions
44 Flag of Colombia.svg Nestor Gomez FootballPositionMID is Mixed Flyer 21 years 3 * Sports Pasto logo Minor divisions
32 Flag of Colombia.svg Duvan torres FootballPositionFWD is Half Point 24 years 16 2 Flag of Colombia.svg Boca Juniors Narino
36 Flag of Colombia.svg Jeyson mondragon FootballPositionFWD is Half Point 22 years 1 * Sports Pasto logo Minor divisions
38 Flag of Colombia.svg sebastian valenzuela FootballPositionFWD is Center Forward 21 years * * Sports Pasto logo Minor divisions
43 Flag of Colombia.svg Sebastian lasso FootballPositionFWD is Half Point 21 years * * Sports Pasto logo Minor divisions
DT Flag of Colombia.svg Geovanny ruiz FootballPositionEN is Coach 00 00

  • Players who come from the club's Under-17s.
  • Flag-map of Colombia.svg Players at the service of the Colombian National Team (U-15), (U-17), (U-20), (U-23) and (Absolute)

Deportivo Pasto Feminino

Lions of Nariño

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